Monday, June 22, 2015

No Rest For The Wicked....

Today it seems that I went from one thing to another non-stop. 

Before I went out to the barn, there was a solar powered spotlight on the fruit and veggies in the kitchen.
 Chores as usual.

 Afterward I mowed the lawn, as it looks like more rain is in our forecast.
Gary trimmed up the willow tree....parts of it were touching the ground, which made mowing a pain.

After lunch I went to Wegmans and outdid myself in the grocery department.
Tomorrow night the Kleins and Cretneys are coming over for our monthly dinner.
Finn was finished with school (testing) early this morning, so Gary picked him up and he spent the day at the farm.  He and Daniela did all kinds of things for me.  They picked strawberries, made brownies...and shortcakes.

 They set the table and picked spinach for the salad.  Really helped me out.
 Dinner was delish.  Spaghetti and meatballs, Italian bread and salad.
The strawberry shortcake was off the charts.
 Coop had baseball practice, so we sent him a nice to go box.

 Managed to grab a shower before dinner and after we ate I fed the horses.
Off to Brockport for a 7pm meeting and got home after 9.  I need some rest.
Night all.

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