Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Beautiful Sunset....

First, Happy Birthday to Karen.
She, Jenny and several friends are out celebrating tonight.

Chores at 7:30.
 All the pastures got picked.

 Picked a few strawberries before I went back in the house...
 thawed out some of our raspberries and blueberries...

 and made a rustic pie that leaked out all over the place.
 Did a little gardening this afternoon and spent a some time on Netflix while
Gary went out to collect signatures for the petition needed (for me to run for office).

Chores at 7.  Our front paddock is still a mud hole after all the rain we have had.
 Berlin looked pretty good when she came in tonight.  Most of her bumps are gone.

 No cooking.
We decided to take a ride over to Sam's Diner in Holley for a bite to eat.
The center of this village is built around a square, and I don't think I have ever seen it look better.
 The Erie Canal is nearby.

 We took the long way home so I could track down the sunset.

 Passed a hayfield that made me drool.
 The colors in the sky changed drastically within a 30 minute period.

 That's it for now.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful sunset pictures! Happy Birthday to Karen! Hope they had a good time.

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous sunset!

Unknown said...

Lovely sunset skyscapes, Lori.