Friday, October 10, 2014

On The Road Again...

Night all.


  1. A beautiful time of year & I'm glad you're enjoying it Lori! I especially like your water reflections too.

  2. Dear Lori, I remember reading about Milo Starks. I think it was in the Civil War book "John Brown Body" by Stephen Vincent Benet--many, many years ago. Maybe 1958.

    A lovely road trip filled with the art and creativity of both Nature and Humans.

    I'm wondering, Lori, about the cosmos photo at the top of your blog. Is it a photograph or a painting or is it produced by a creative use of some app? Whatever, it's quite evocative. Peace.

  3. Hi Lori! What a scenic and lovely road-trip -- I hope there was great food to match!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Holy cow, that's a lot of photos! They say "Fall" to me.

  5. As always, you capture everyday scenes with a great eye. I think the pumpkins are my favorite, but it's hard to pick :).


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