The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Sunday, August 5, 2012


Mid August marks the Walnut Hill Carriage Competition, a sport that is very Victorian in nature.
It is held in Pittsford, New York and is the biggest competition of it's kind in the US.

Several years ago (as I had attended many of these events) I really wanted to have my POA trained to drive.  I got her a harness and started line driving.
 Then she went to my friend Andrea for training.
 She looked gorgeous pulling her cart.
After working her in hand for months, my knee (that I just had replaced) was really giving me trouble.  When I got her home we had a bad experience the first time she was hooked and I really wondered if all this was worth it.  I did not want her to get hurt (me either) so I ended up selling off my harnesses and cart and turned her into a riding horse.  Disappointed but still think it was the right thing to do.  

So now, I just keep going to Walnut Hill to see how it is really supposed to be done and am happy taking photographs.

An amazing sport!

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  1. Very interesting - I had no idea Abbé started her career as a driving horse. Auke, the Friesian I used to have, was broke to drive when we bought him but we never invested in the tack or cart.

  2. Lori, this blog will be forwarded to a friend, who does horse driving, her husband builds the carriages, in NZ's South Island. The big horses look wonderful, with their white 'socks' is that the right term??Yes, a great sport, no racing or jumping, very graceful for everyone. Cheers, Jean

  3. A truely beautiful competition. :)

  4. That's very interesting. I had no idea an event like this even excisted. Fun that the people attending dress the part too.

  5. wow really wonderful and thoroughly enjoyed the black beauties, great shots

  6. Beautiful shots! Someday I'll make it out there.

  7. Great looking horses :) I really enjoyed looking at the pic IMG_6097.jpg.
    Wonderful composition.. I do get these kinda shots when clicking for something else. This one came out really well. nice post :D

  8. Wow, beautiful! We would love love love Walnut Hill!!!


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