Saturday, August 25, 2012


 Morning light...

 Annette....our rhubarb is still gigantic and going strong...is yours?

 Today was my first day to get back to drumming.  I had a friend (Claire) drag my drum in for me...too heavy for me to handle at this time.  Wouldn't you know we had to practice on the second floor in one of the dance studios....
 Clyde just got back from Brazil...

 and Khalid just returned from North Carolina.

 There were about 10 of us and the first two rhythms were half an hour each, leaving me out of gas.
I have not drummed since the first week in May.
 Tomorrow, many of the drummers from this group and Sankofa will be playing at the 
college's convocation.  No way am I ready.

Home a little after three....chores at 5.
We had some serious heat and humidity today so I put up a couple of hay nets in the run-in
and turned on the fan.
 Tonight we were honored to be invited to a BBQ by Andrew F., who is visiting his parents (he lives in New York City).  Aside from them, the rest of the guests were his age... many were my students long ago.  Jenny and Kristen were there too.
It was catered by the Dinosaur BBQ and the food was delish.
 This would be Herb and Alicia....Andrew's parents and our hosts.
 A very nice evening...even tho Gary and I don't last very long these days.
Night all.


  1. Love that tree in the first photo (redwood?), love the first shot of sunflowers, love the light. Yes, my rhubarb is still going strong. I'm going to pick some and freeze it so I can have rhubarb pie on my birthday (in March).

  2. Hi Lori,I love those sunflowers,the horses are looking so relaxed,soaking up the sunshine. Glad to see you getting better!

  3. Once again, a lovely walk through your day and evening, Lori. Yep, Grant and I attend the company BBQ every Friday evening. We instigated it and I,with GH staff cater for it. However, around 7.50/8pm we just have to come home as we don't last like the young uns do. We are up at 5 every day though! Hope your weekend is going well. (((Hugs))) Jo

  4. Glad you were able to get back to the drumming - that must have felt good, even though it was tiring!

  5. SO glad you are back at drumming. BBQ looks delicious and just the right portion sizes.

  6. Love those light photos.
    Yay to the return of drumming!

  7. That drumming sounded pretty good; and the BBQ looks delicious.


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