Friday, August 3, 2012


When I go out to do chores in the morning, Abbe and Berlin are in the pasture.
 As soon as they hear the gate opening they come in to have breakfast.

 I made this banner many years ago when we built the indoor.  Blue and yellow for Sweden and the
running foal is Marieke, Berlin's dam.  It has been hanging from the rafters for years and the string on one side fell apart.... so we removed it and I have been letting the rain clean off the bird crap.  If you keep your doors open, it's very difficult to keep the birds out.

Arrived at the pool around 9:30.  Love swimming in the morning.

Had a hard session at Agape, and felt better than I have since May 14th when my knee was replaced.

 Needed to use up some peaches....added some nectarines....and made a fresh fruit baking
(just the pie crust).
 Mary Pat (my favorite model) dropped in to check on us this afternoon.  Such a thoughtful friend.
 Chore time....again.

 Very hot and muggy with a record breaker on tap for tomorrow.
Out of gas now.
Night all.


  1. Love the hypnotic water glimpse . . . and can tell you are returning to your 'normal' self, bit by bit by bit!

  2. I broke my toes May 7th so I'm a week ahead of you. It looks like we are both in the home stretch now. We rely on the cats to keep birds from overtaking the barn -- we have no barn doors.

  3. Yay! Congratulations on the knee progress!

  4. Glad your knee feels better. Hope the progress continues. Heat sounds wonderful. It was so cold today I stayed inside.

  5. I am glad for your Knee. The pie with peaches and nectarines seems very appetizing.

  6. Like your banner very much. We have a real problem with pigeons nesting and there's crap all over the place to clean up. Can't wait for winter so I can close the indoor up.

    Your pie looks yummy. Bet it was.

    Miserable and hot here too, wish it would cool off. Glad your knee is feeling better.


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