Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Soft light this morning.

 Jenny picked up Gary and they went down to the village to have coffee and run some errands.  Brittney was here by 8:30 and I did a few things around the house.

Picked some veggies for Roger and Tina...
 Got over to the pool around 2.  Elvis was visiting for the day.

 Gary went with me as he had a doctor's appointment at 3:30.  Roger came out for a chat
while I continued to tread water.

 Dropped Gary off and went to Agape for a minor workout on my own.  The Doctor said he was doing well, could start putting a little weight on his foot and would start physical therapy in three weeks.  Hopefully he won't overdo it.
 Out to do chores at 5.

 Louise and Jack invited us over to Apple Creek Farm for dinner.

 It was perfect.

 Home before dark so I could get the masks off the ponies.
 The moon was very commanding tonight.

Night all.

PS....my cub reporter will be leaving Croatia early as she is going to need surgery on her broken arm.  Tomorrow her father is flying over to bring her back.  Daniela will finish out the vacation and returns with her grandparents.  The kids can't wait to see Tata!


  1. Ariana, all those weeks in plaster and now surgery, are you trying to keep up with Gran and Grandpa???Lovely meal, not sure what the patties were but looked scrumptious.Desert so yummy. Cheers. Jean.

  2. "Hopefully, he won't overdo it." That's the story of both Gary and Brett, I think! I'm glad he's making progress -- and goodness, what happened with Arianna that now she requires surgery? Too many broken bones around the blogesphere!

  3. Sorry to hear about Arianna...

    Wonderful picture of Seymour.

  4. That meal looks wonderful.. I wonder what it all is??

    Surgery? I thought her arm was healing in the cast this whole time. So sorry to hear that!


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