Thursday, August 16, 2012


 It's just 7:30....who's here already?
 Gary was picked up by his friend Bill and they went down to Java for coffee.
I did chores.
 Lots of geese were in the field south of our yard.
 They did not budge while I mowed the last pasture.

 Early afternoon I dropped Gary off in Brockport and went to the pool.
 Look who I picked up on the way.
 Finished mowing the yard and made some coleslaw to take to a steak roast tonight.
 Gary went down at 5:30 for his last meeting with the Museum board and I joined him after chores.
 So buggy I put some hay in the stalls.
 Going to the Fallons is like visiting a beautiful park.
 Jim is a master gardener and it is quite evident!

 He grilled steaks and everyone brought a dish to pass.
 What a feast.  So much of it was fresh out of our gardens.

 Kelly put together homemade bruchetta and wings.  Delish.
 Have you ever seen anything like this cake?

 Arrived at Jen's a little after 8 to celebrate Finn's 9th birthday.

 They had been out to dinner and Finn spent his birthday moola on a Kindle Fire?  Is that what you call it?
 The Coop was doin his own thing.
Home before 9 and ready to drop.  Another full day.
Night all.

PS - My cub reporter is doing pretty well.


  1. That food looks amazing -- even the pickles look good. Everything is so green and lush; its a feast for my eyes. Everything is so dry and dusty here.

  2. Happy Birthday Finn, and ... Wow, what a garden, and the size of those Hostas!!! A lot of hard work by Jim, no beautiful garden gets that way all by itself. A royal spread,it is just great when everyone contributes.Cheers, Jean

  3. Birthday joys!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  4. A Kindle Fire...good for him. He must like to read. :) What an awesome dinner you went to. Looks like a lot of good food.

  5. What a nice day. Well, except the bugs ;-).

  6. It is time for gardens to start their payback for all the TLC.

  7. What a great day! I am craving wings now : )

  8. Happeee birthday, Finn boy! And what an amazing feast you attended - beautiful house, garden, people and food.

  9. Finn will love his Kindle Fire! Mine is my security blanket - must have it to go to bed, lol!


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