Tuesday, June 29, 2021

#7293 Still in the Zone

This outrageously high heat is getting old.  Over 96 degrees today.

While the other horses braved the heat and were out in the pasture, Berlin stayed by the fan and after lunch I tried to get her to eat the grain she left this morning
Poor Little Wonder continues to stick with me no matter how hot it gets.
I picked up some grain this morning and Gary dumped it in the cans for me.

I can actually see the crew working on the water line from our house now.
Major progress.

My friend Mary and I stopped in to catch up with a friend at 4:30 and I got home in time to get dinner together.  Picnic time again.
Keeping cool is what it's all about.
Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

Our temps have been in the 80's with high humidity and dew points which make it sticky. I am actually not going to complain as it seems we are now going to get regular rain and the pastures have gone from crunchy to green.
Hot but there it is!
Time to bike ride instead of hike, that way I create my own breeze.