Saturday, June 12, 2021

#7275 Mowing Again....

Love these sunny days with no humidity!

Little Wonder took time to smell the roses before we went out to the barn.

The tree by the grooming room is getting so big the branches are low to the ground by the entrance to the pasture.  Nice frame for taking pictures.

Can't help posting more of these blossoms.  Must be more than 100 open today.

Jenny came up to pick spinach, mixed greens and strawberries.
Little Wonder assisted.

Seeing that the temperature was perfect, I decided to mow the lawn today.

It was a breakfast for dinner kind of night.

Gary and Jen had a piece of strawberry pie earlier....I'm waiting for awhile.

Chore duty tonight.

Lots of good light.

Night all.


1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

Wow, nice looking grass and great framing with the leaves!

Our grass is brown with green icky weeds sticking up. The pasture makes dust as we walk.
Oh and love the strawberries!