Tuesday, June 8, 2021

#7271 Jana and Mike

It was so hot and muggy last night I did not get enough sleep.  Up by 5:15 and now I'm tired.  Once again, after going out for dinner, we were not hungry for dessert, so Jana and I had strawberries and yogurt for breakfast.

Fortunately we got a fair amount of rain while we were supposed to be sleeping and everything in the gardens went nuts.

Jana wanted to come out to the barn with me but it was muddy and we did not want her to have manure smelling sneakers for the ride back to Ohio.  So we got smart and put bags over them, tied with bailing twine.  Worked out very well!

The four of us had non stop conversations from the moment they arrived.  They were very excited about the boat they had just purchased.

They left by 9am....
and I went back out to the barn to clean the stalls.
We actually had a little more rain.

At 11 my friend Penny stopped up for some strawberries (picked at least 3 quarts) and greens.  We are going to be very busy keeping up with these berries.

I took some time in the afternoon to watch a movie in bed in front of a fan.  Scott called a little after 4 and had a load of fill dirt for us....need it to fill up our dug well before we get the public water.

That woke me up and I went into action starting on dinner.  Planned on having vegetarian taco salads and need to make a bean salad first.

You can't imagine how many veggies we had.  Spinach, red cabbage, cucumbers, yellow pepper, onions, green beans, chi chi beans, black beans, light and dark kidney beans, corn and cherry tomatoes.  Then I drizzled on a little Catalina dressing and added salsa, sour cream....
Pepper Jack cheese and finally, some crushed lime chips.
That's what I call a salad!
As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to watch the end of the movie I started earlier
and then I'll join Little Wonder for a nap.

Night all.


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Val Ewing said...

I've had a really hard time with sleeping lately also. Uff!
Up very early, but at the same time my outside stuff is done by 8 which includes a walk.

Get your rest, you have been busy!
Hope we get rain this week. Our grass is turning brown and we aren't as bad as some other areas.