Wednesday, June 23, 2021

#7287 Music and Moonlight...

Gorgeous weather today.

I woke up gimpy today and am trying to ride my trike more to get the kinks out.  It works.

Rehearsal today.  We have our first gig at the farm market on Sunday.  You have heard all of our songs so many times... I videoed every single one and it took and hour plus to load them.  Out of gas reducing the size to put on here as it will only take 57 seconds and I have to edit each one.

Little Wonder slept under the table until we were finished.
I thawed out a couple chicken thighs for dinner and decided to incorporate them into some pasta and veggies.

It was finally cool enough for me to put on the oven so I made a new batch of croutons.

Good light tonight and I should have chased the sunset.

Night all.



Val Ewing said...

The sunset looks beautiful from there! No need to chase it!
I bet you can't wait to sing at the Market.
Your yard and gardens always look so incredible.

Nancy J said...

A grand way to end your day with that delightful music