Monday, June 14, 2021

#7277 More Progress

 A little bit of everything today.  Sunshine, low humidity, cooler and a downpour.

After chores our friend Carol stopped up for some strawberries and I picked them while holding an umbrella.  We are getting over a quart every single day and continue to give them to friends.
At 1, there was an SSAI meeting at the rec center (Seniors).  Our first in over a year and it was a good one.  Now we will have the rest of the summer off and get back in a groove in September.
Grabbed these shots on the way home.  They have made it to Beadle Road, which is the nearest East/West Road to our North.  Not even half a mile to go.  Now that does not mean the water will be hooked up right away, as it will take some effort to go from the water line, under the road and into our house.  I believe there are around 120 houses and it should be up and running by this fall.

By the time I got back to the farm the sun was out.

A load of mulch was delivered yesterday, so Gary will have the gardens looking good.

In an effort to keep it white, I hand washed a cotton blouse today and hung it out on the porch.  Handy, because it poured like crazy a little before 5.
We had a delicious dinner tonight.  Grilled boneless pork, caramelized onions, rice, peas and another 1940s Jello salad with celery, carrots, red cabbage and walnuts.
On my kitchen table.....  Not much color out there to pick from.

Night all.

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