Monday, June 28, 2021

#7292 And It's Only June!

Between the temperature and the humidity, sleeping last night was not the greatest.  Jana and Mike were going back to work on their boat this morning, so I went out early to do chores.  Once again, the barn was warm and the poor horses seemed as sick of this weather as I am.  We ended up at 91 today. 

When I got back in the house, everyone was up and ready for some toast, oj and coffee.

Jana picked some hydrangeas to take back to the boat.
Millie was the perfect guest from the time they arrived.
After they left I went back out and cleaned the stalls.  Angel was hogging the fan and
Rebel kept trying to get in his stall.  He ended up in the back of the run-in.

Around 2 I decided to mow the lawn and did it over a period of time with a cool break in between.
Glad that's done.
They have now put a lot of the pipes for the water line on the property across the street.  They are getting very close to our house and I'd say they will be here in about 3 days.
Dinner was leftover potato salad, roasted chicken and I made another salad.
I have no plans to do anything else....other than taking a shower.  Gary moved an air conditioner from upstairs to the downstairs bedroom.  I tried finding a new one today and they have all disappeared.  Excessive heat and I do not get along.
Night all.

Here is the schedule.


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