Thursday, December 31, 2020

Post #7111 The Old Pueblo Grill

Yet another grey day....however we should have 7 more above freezing.

This afternoon Gary and I finally got off the farm and drove to Rochester
to take advantage of a gift card we were given by Jenny and Scott for Christmas.
The Old Pueblo Grill is around the corner from Jen's office
and she has been there many times.

She recommended the tacos and Scott liked the burritos.
We ended up eating in the car as everything would have been cold
by the time we got home.  What a nice gift!
Tonight we are taking it easy....
by the fire of course.
Night all.

Happy New Year friends near and far.

Let's hope for good health and a new beginning in 2021!


Tomato Thymes said...

Happy new year . I so enjoy your blog.

Nancy J said...

Your final photo is so fitting for the New Year ahead. I hope all things will be so much safer for you up North, we have had a sweltering day here, was about 27C on the road driving home after a wonderful day out.New Year Greetings to you and all yours.

Val Ewing said...

That is how we do 'picnics' now if we have to travel and do lab work. We go to a drive through and 'eat out'!
Happy New Year...or just enjoy the new year.