Thursday, December 17, 2020

Post #7097 Fortunately We Only Got About 3" of Snow

Night all.



Grey Horse Matters said...

We got about 18 inches. Not too bad. Cold though,not gonna melt anytime soon.

Dee said...

Dear Lori, on the news the meteorologist predicted that some areas of New York state would get 3 feet!!!! So your three inches is enough to make a wonderland but not enough to slow travel a great deal or, I would imagine (but I don't know) to make chores much more difficult. And by the way, your cooking photos always make me hungry!

Finally, I want to thank you for reading my postings on Facebook--the ones that I share from Elisa's facebook. It's so wonderful that a number of my virtual friends--like you--have come to appreciate her. She is, in her essence, that is, "essentially," a person in whom Joy abounds. Peace.