Thursday, December 24, 2020

Post #7104 Christmas Eve

No Christmas Eve gathering tonight.  What a difference.  We have been spending it with about 40 people each year....for decades.

Grey and raining this afternoon.  Also VERY windy.

After chores I made rice pudding and gingerbread cupcakes, for us and for Jenny.

This afternoon she and Scott dropped by so we could exchange a few things.
Ironically, Jenny and I were on the same wave length.
We each got specialty things like organic coffee, wine, nuts, 
etc.. She also dropped off a little appetizer plate and a beautiful
almond kuchen from a great bakery in Rochester.
The fire was going all day...
and I had evening chore duty.  By then the horses were a wet mess.

Got them tucked in and started on dinner.

It was delicious!
Now it's time to if we have not been doing enough of that.
Merry Christmas everyone!
I'm voting for a much Happier 2021!
Stay well.

Night all.

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

This must be a huge change for you!
You know our Christmas is usually spent just with the two of us and a dog...if the weather works I usually ride bareback ...
Be well.
Merry Christmas.