Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Post #7095 What Else Can Happen?

So who put the whammy on us?  First, the water in the house had very irregular pressure (sometimes a trickle) and we needed a new switch on the pump, then the hydrant in the barn went south.  Late last night the water in the downstairs toilet would not shut off and this morning we had it repaired.  Something is wrong somewhere as our electric bill had gone up like crazy.  Tomorrow I hope the hydrant will be replaced, thanks to the talents and equipment of Scott Fisher.  It would 
be nice if that put an end to this series of events.
Mid 20s this morning, with a little snow.

Mr. Smartie knew the conditions were better under the shed roof.

Berlin did not have a stinky nose this morning.  Hope it stays that way.

Once again, the fire cast it's spell.
Unfortunately several Phoebe photos were too blurry to post.
We had a special deliver from Oak Orchard this afternoon.
A gorgeous centerpiece.

Dinner was simple and delicious.
A gigantic salad.
Romaine, tomatoes, bean salad, hard boiled eggs, chicken and crumbly blu.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

It sounds like a gremlin got into your place and is causing all sorts of trouble.
I get that.
Hope you get the electric thing figured out. Ours will be about the same this winter now that we have the tank heater plugged in.
Summer ... A/C, Winter stock tank heater.

Nancy J said...

Huge power bills, all sorts of gremlins, this muat be the last, and all will be OK from now on.Looks mighty cold.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We’re in for a big storm today. Glad to hear Berlin is feeling better. Hope you get it all fixed today and can relax in front of the fire when it’s all done.