Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Post #7081 Stromboli-What a Bomb

My morning started off with a little snow.

It did not stick for very long, but it sure was cold and grey all day.

I had an interview for a possible story at 11, and at 2 I drove Phoebe and Little Wonder
to Brockport for their first appointment with a new groomer.
I was very worried about Little Wonder, as it takes him awhile to warm up to people.
She did Phoebe first and by the time it was his turn he was a little nervous at first
and then, totally cooperative.  Both have been groomed since they were puppies.
They were overdue for this and both look great.  In fact, Phoebe looks like a puppy.

So.... I had this brilliant idea to make Stromboli for dinner.  Went to Wegmans and picked up a few ingredients and late afternoon started the process.
I used a bag of our sauce that included black olives and eggplant....
thickened it with some of our dehydrated tomatoes.

Inside, I put ham and Genoa salami....
and mozzarella cheese.
Then I rolled it up...
and brushed on a a beaten egg.
Next, fresh parsley from the plant I now have in the kitchen...
and a little Romano cheese.
While it was in the oven I made a salad.
It looked terrific when it was done.
Let me tell tasted AWFUL!  Doughie, tough
and everything on the inside hardly had any flavor.

A real learning experience and I would not do this again.
I would have been better off making a calzone.  The dough in the middle was not done enough
and tasted like cardboard.  Yuck.

On the other hand, the pups look beautiful
and have silky hair.  That will be enough to make my day.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

One good thing is ample to make us all content these days, snowflakes included.

Anonymous said...

Good to know as the pictures looked so good but if the inside takes longer to cook, then yes a calzone would be better to make.

Val Ewing said...

OMG you are the cook of my dreams, well, aside from my childhood friend who is a wonderful cook.
This staying at home and not shopping is stretching my imagination and I have actually been tying to cook much better!
A YES vote for the Xmas Chair then. I'll be working on it today!

Have a great day, thanks for your kind words too. They mean so much to me.