Monday, December 14, 2020

Post #7094 Catch Me If You Can

More grey and around freezing most of the day.

Berlin had a stinky nostril so I wanted to take her into the grooming room to clean her up and take her temperature.  As soon as she saw me with a halter and lead line she did not want to come anywhere near me.  Checked her other nostril and smell there.  Cleaned out her nose with warm water and paper towels....very little discharge.  Took her the normal range.  She ate her breakfast, was clear eyed and alert.  Hopefully it will be cleared up shortly.  Have to stay tuned to the signs.
Can you believe this? December 14th and we still have flowers.

As per usual, we took it easy this afternoon.

Scrambled eggs with roasted red peppers, shallots and cheddar cheese....
English muffins and leftover boiled potatoes from last night turned into home fries.
More and more, breakfast sounds good at dinner time.
Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope Berlin clears up soon. We had waffles so breakfast does sound good for dinner.