Saturday, December 26, 2020

Post #7106 Snowing and Blowing

With the wind, I would say it was in the teens most of the day.

The red coats were needed.

The horses knew enough to go inside for awhile.  Berlin is always hesitant
as she is low on the totem pole.

Phoebe went back in the house within minutes and this sweet boy stayed outside with me for 
over 2 hours.  Such a trooper.

Of course the fire was going all day long...and that puts us in a trance.

I had evening chore duty.  It was still snowing and the wind was stronger than it was earlier.

They were happy to be tucked in for the night.

Picnic food tonight.
Hot dogs and coleslaw.

Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Now that sounds like my kind of supper!
We had the snow and the wind but very little snow.

LW looks like he enjoys his time outside with you!

Nancy J said...

LW, you are a trooper!!! Looks mighty chilly, we have had hail in some places, thunderstorms, but no snow, but we should be in SUMMER mode down here. Keep warm, and remember your summer is on the far horizon,.