Friday, January 1, 2021

Post #7112 New Year's Day Hike Number Three

A beautiful sunrise for the start of 2021.

Frost was on the ground and we had freezing rain by dinner time.

Gary met Jenny, Coop and Finn out at Hamlin Beach for their 3rd
New Year's Day Hike.  A great tradition.

Skipping stones in January with no snow.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....things were pretty quiet.

A salad and leftover 
corn chowder for dinner.
The flowers Randy brought before Christmas are still going strong on the kitchen table.

You know what having a fire means.....

Night all,


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Val Ewing said...

OHHHH! I would have loved to do that with you! Anyone actually! I am getting bored of just talking with Charlie or Sven on our woodland hikes.
I'm planning on hiking with my friend this week. Crossed fingers.