Saturday, January 16, 2021

Post #7127 More of the Same

 We did have some sunshine today and is was pretty mild when I went out to the barn.

The farrier for Karen's horses arrived at 8:30.
Rebel and Berlin did not want to miss out.

Angel ended up being pretty Gimpy again.

Berlin always likes to watch him when he trims the horses and will stay by the door the entire time.
While she was doing that, Elliott took a good roll.

The sun was shining on the flowers when I got back in the house.

I grabbed a couple out of the bouquet to put on the kitchen table.

You can't beat sunshine.
Too bad it did not hang around all day.

Chore duty tonight.

Night all.

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Val Ewing said...

Did the farrier see Angel? Did he give any thoughts on her?
I lucked out on a farrier who trains farriers and also does a lot of work on injured animals and helps owners out.

Looks like a quiet day. Here too.