Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Post #7124 Impeachment Number Two

It was so dark this morning.

I am happy to say that Angel, who is on meds, was doing quite a bit better today.
She was actually able to put her foot down (flat) and leave it there.
In fact, she was the first one to go out in the big pasture.  A good sign.

We had a 10am appointment to get our covid vaccines at Oak Orchard Health.
Signed up on line and had to bring in a "ticket" that we printed out.  Once we got there we had to fill out another form and then went online to fill in one more.  After we got our shots (did not even feel it...at all) we had to wait for 15 minutes before we could go home.  We are expected to have a sore arm for a short period of time and they want to know if there are any side effects.  A friend, who is a health care worker, got the shot a couple weeks ago and said the following day she had the sore arm and felt tired.
Hopefully things will go well.  Yesterday they (state) lowered the age you had to be from 75 to 65 so now there is a big scramble in this area, for people to get an appointment.  We will get our second shots on February 10th.
The sun eventually came out and of course I had to tune in to the impeachment process.

By the way, there was black ice all over the place this morning and I had to be very careful going out to the barn.  The temperature went up enough to melt most of it and we had a pretty decent sunset.

Dinner.....sloppy Joes, roasted potatoes and a salad with pears, apples, craisins, walnuts and crumbly blu.  Comfort food.
Night all.


I hope everyone tunes in for the next week and that nothing outrageous happens where you live.  There's still a lot of scary stuff being planned.

Stay well.



Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad Angel is feeling better. Watched tv today too. The impeachment is a start. Saw they have 20 thousand national guards there so far. Felt sorry for them sleeping on the hard floors. A shame we need them,can’t wait for the 20th. Hope all goes well and is peaceful. Enough is enough.

Nancy J said...

I see that 10 Republicans moved for the impeachment but even without them it was a win.Let it all be safe sailing until the 21st,you need one more day to make sure all is done and dusted.

Val Ewing said...

Good news on Angel!
They are talking about moving the age group to 65 and older here too. Lots of confusion in our state of course, I believe our state is trying its best to be dysfunctional.
I'm glad you were able to get your first shot!