Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Monday, November 26, 2018

Was It Raining At Your House?

ALL day long!
What a mess.
 I fed the horses breakfast and set up their hay under the shed roof.
But no!  That was not good enough.  They went out in the pasture because they wanted to get soaking wet.
 I cleaned all the stalls and set them up so they could 
come back in until Karen arrived for evening chores.

 All of them, including Little Wonder and Phoebe
were drenched.

 Eventually I took a shower and headed down to Hanny's for lunch and bridge.
 I missed it last month and could not wait for this opportunity
to spend the entire afternoon doing something different.
 She had the fire going 
 and prepared an outstanding lunch.
 some of the best soup I have ever eaten
(sweet potatoes, shredded chicken, onions and a whole bunch of other stuff).
 We also had homemade muffins.
 I just realized that I did not take a picture of our dessert!
Decadent pecan pie squares.
Do you play bridge?  Love this game.
Oops!  The 6 is in the wrong place!

Got back to the farm after 4:30 and Gary had started priming the kitchen.
It will take a few days, but it's worth the mess.
Quite a change....a needed change.
 We may get some snow tomorrow.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It rained here all day too. Had to go out at 4 to take Ginger to the vet and it was already so dark. Glad you had a nice time this afternoon.

Val Ewing said...

No rain here but I know that south of us got a lot of snow and moisture. We stayed dry and cold.
Sounds like you had a good day.
Hopefully the snow won't be an 'event'!