Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Soup Was On....

It's a good thing the sun was out, 'cause it was freezing this morning.
Little Wonder and Phoebe had to wear their coats.

 We had ice in the puddles and I had to set up the heater in the water trough.

 Gary continued to move leaves and he also spent some time splitting wood
for the cold week coming up.

 I ordered three loaves of Carina's challah bread and went over to pick it up
as a couple of them were for a party we were attending tonight.

 By then the wind was outrageous.

 At 4 we headed over to Lori and Ward's
 for a supper filled with delicious appetizers,
 a variety of soups
 many friends

 and music.
A fun time.
7 of us brought our instruments and we went around the room
taking requests so everyone could join in.

 My kind of party.
Lori and Ward are outstanding hosts!
Night all.

Ariana was enjoying the football game at Boise!

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Nancy J said...

Oh the music, I so enjoyed it. What a grand evening together, even though the start to your day was so cold.