Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Sunday, November 25, 2018

No More Turkey!

There was a lot of melting going on today....

 with plenty of mud.  Look at those feet!

 After chores I went down to Runnings as there was a sale going on.
Exactly what I needed and I saved a lot of $$$$$$$$$.
Beet pulp pellets, alfalfa pellets, hay cubes and shavings!
Such a deal!  I'm set for quite awhile!
 I'm sure Gary was thrilled to make all the trips from my car to the feed room.

 Our Sunday Jam was fun today.  All acoustic.

 Minor was hard to hear each other when we were singing.

I sure appreciate the time I spend with these people!
 It's very rare that we have percussion and a keyboard on the same day.

 Of course I had to ask Tom to sing "Harvest Moon" again.

 My friend Jean was in town for Thanksgiving and she joined us at the jam.
I hope she will play with us someday.
 There is a new show at the gallery and I would highly recommend that you!

 Jean came back to the farm with me and we had a chance to catch up
before I went out to tuck the ponies in.  She brought us 4 jars of her
homemade jam.  What a gift!
 I really am not that happy with it being dark for evening chores.

 All the horses rolled in the mud.

 Seeing that we are tired of turkey, Gary wanted to go out for a sandwich & fries.
 The portions were so huge we brought half of it home for another meal.
At least I did not have to cook and he did not need to do the dishes.
Night all.

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