Saturday, November 24, 2018

50 Years

A few minutes of beauty turned into a very rainy day.

 Before I went out to the barn, the sun was beaming into the kitchen.

 It took me about an hour in slow, to clean the stalls.

 Before noon it started to rain and by 12:30 I had to put the horses in their
stalls so they could dry off.

 Gary took an umbrella and went down to the college to watch the 2nd half
of the football game.  We had a 50th anniversary party to attend this afternoon
and I let the horses back out.

 Sidney had the right idea.
 I watched part of the game on my computer.
Brockport vs. RPI
They ended up losing....21-13.
 Alicia and Herb F. were holding a 50th Anniversary reception 
at the Morgan Manning House.
 It was filled with friends, beautiful flowers and food.

 Always nice to catch up with friends,
and so many were from out of town.

 It was almost dark when I got back to the farm.
Heated up the beet pulp and threw on an old jacket and boots to
get the ponies tucked I'm off duty.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

A great way to celebrate those years together. And the snow!!! Guess it has lost any attraction by now.

Mike said...

We haven't had any snow as yet. Couple of sharp frosts, though.