Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Not My Day!

First of all, it snowed last night.
I had to shovel a path to the far so good.  Gary helped.
First I gave the horses their grain, then I started setting up the hay,
some under the shed roof, some in the paddock.  It was on a plastic sled as it is much easier to move around.  As I was putting a couple flakes in the North run-in my foot was in the sled rope (duh!) and when I moved to shake out the hay it caused me to fall forward.  I grabbed the gate with my hands and in the meantime my left leg was being pulled by the weight of the hay on the sled!  OUCH....... I could hardly walk as I must have pulled a big fat muscle.  Gary had to come out and help.  There is no way I could even carry a bucket with 4 inches of water in it.
Needless to say, there were not many pictures being taken.

 Ironically, this was the day for our panel discussion down at the college and I needed to be there before 9.  I took a hot shower and discovered 
that using a cane helped a lot. 
(My friend Al C. carved this for me several years ago)
 Gary drove me down to the college so I could be dropped off near the door.
The formal title of the class is "Physical Activity in Adulthood" and it is 
taught by Dr. Pamela Haibach-Beach.  We refer to it as "Aging and Activity."
 I having been organizing this panel group for years and it has been pure
pleasure every single time.
 Each person gives a brief bio...

then we are asked questions by the students.
Today, the youngest panelist was 59 and the oldest was 92.
I think the students are very surprised by how active we all are.

 Finally, we join them at their tables for additional questions.

This is Rosie.  She is 85 years old and has been involved in education most of her adult life (21-55) and from '58-'64 she was at SUNY Brockport.  The space we were in, Eagles Lookout, is dedicated to her husband George.  She has written a book 
"Crossing Boundaries, Beirut and Beyond."  
Three days a week she continues to workout at the college (at 6:30am!)

Carol  is in the pink on the right.  She is 79 years old and was an elementary teacher from 1961-1998.  Very active in the community and was going 
cross country skiing this afternoon!  We have been friends for over 50 years.

This is Jean and she is 92.  When class was over, these four students stayed
and continued talking to her!  It was mutual admiration.
She has 9 children, is a past Town Supervisor, used to run an ice cream store in Brockport, sings in a chorus, plays the organ at her church and loves line dancing.

This is Topper.  He is married to Carol (above) and is 80 years old.
His company does the design, engineering and legal work which enables them to secure
spectrum awarded by the FCC. For the most part, this spectrum is used by operating companies to provide telecommunications related services to its users.
 A good friend who is one of the most generous people I have ever met!

This is Mary Lynn.  She is 59 years old and worked for the Department of Labor until she was 55.  Currently she is back to work on a part time basis in Rochester.
She was born in Brockport and attended school with several of the other panelist's children!  After she left the class this morning, she went to the Morgan Manning House (historical society) to help set up Candlelight Christmas, which is a huge event in this area.  Very dedicated to our community.

This is Harry, 85 years old and a retired Pharmacist.
His family fled Germany in 1933 when Harry was 10 weeks old and 
arrived in the United States in 1938.  He has quite a story!
Recently he has worked with a Personal Trainer at the college
and loves staying active.

 The students above and below were at my table.
All were Seniors who were majoring in kinesiology.

 I tried to learn a little about them and they were 
free to ask me anything they wanted.

For those reading this who do not know me....
I am 75, a retired Art Teacher (1999) and have lived on our farm since 1981.
Most of that time, had 6 horses of my own and continue to ride.  Love music and play the baritone ukulele in a jam group, also did African Drumming at the college.  For the past 3 years I have been on the Town Board and continue to be very active in the community.
 Here are some of the questions the panelists were asked.

1.  What would you say you know about leading a happy and successful life.
What advise to you have for the class to live long healthy lives?
2.  Do you find it difficult to be more active/social in a generation that 
relies on technology and social media so heavily?
3.  What habits have you cut out of your lifestyle as you have aged?
4.  What do you value most in life?  And what drives you the most?
5.  How often do you think older adults should exercise?  And what
types of exercise do you feel are most effective?
6.  What is the one factor either now or throughout your life
that has affected your quality of life now?
7.  If you could change how you ate, slept, exercised , etc. when you
were younger would you, and if so how?

 Gary picked me up at 10 and I was down for the count when we go home.
I sat on a heating pad (for my butt and leg) and took it easy.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....
We did have a new blossom today.

 The flowers on our kitchen table are still beautiful
 and I got them a couple days before Thanksgiving.

Dinner was simple.  
A fresh salad 
and leftover pasta and meatballs.
 My poor pups did not get very much attention today.

 Sidney has crashed next to my desk

 and the dogs just came in from outside, where it is snowing again.
 Tomorrow is another day.  Doing chores with a cane should be interesting.
 Night all.


lilysgrannie said...

I'm so sorry you injured yourself and hope you are better soon. One of the things I so admire about your blog is all the activities that you and your friends are up to especially the devotion to your community and your music. You make your world a better place.

Val Ewing said...

Hope you feel better soon. I can only tell you how many times I've had that silly rope on the sled trip me up! I don't have gates like you do but instead fall flat on my face in the snow...much easier than a gate!
Many years ago...well, 50 yrs ago, my father told us when he started working out daily that he felt this was the key to living better for longer. He was 50 then and my mother scoffed at him. However, he was right!
I think I should copy those questions and answer them in a blog of their own!

If we humans do not move, we get frail. I see it over and over again.
I'm glad you do what you do. Being physically and socially active is what helps people remain active and healthy!