Saturday, November 17, 2018

NCAA PLAYOFFS...Brockport Vs. Framingham and The Great Seymour Caper

 The temperature remained at 36 degrees most of the day
and the front paddock is a disaster area.

 Karen had a load of hay delivered this morning and they had to wheelbarrow it through
the mud/slush.  When they finished, she got the snowblower going for Gary so he could clear the rest of the driveway.

 SUNY Brockport's football team was undefeated this year and today was their first game in the NCAA Playoffs.
We figured we could tough it out

 and lasted the first half.
 Every time they got a touchdown this song was played and everyone 
stomped their feet on the bleachers.  It really got the crowd going.

 Jenny did not get there until we were ready to leave.
We had been sitting with Adam R. and the three of us were 
so cold we decided to go home.  The wind was pretty strong
and we could not get warm...even tho we had blankets and
thought we had dressed right.

 As we were leaving we could smell the hot dogs at the food truck 
but the line was too long.
I had to pick up some work at A Different Path Gallery as our show came 
down today.  So....we went around the corner to Jimmy Z's and got our hot dogs.
 When we got back to the farm I watched the rest of the game on my computer.
Brockport won and will play RPI next Saturday at home.  I wonder if it will
be even colder.
 I had evening chore duty.

 Is this not the most handsome boy you've seen in a long time????

 Now it's time to relax before the next adventure.

 I'll be back.
Now for the rest of the story.

Tonight we attended the Great Seymour Caper.
(After Hours @ the Library)
It is a fundraiser that is always well attended...
because we have a community that really appreciates all it gives back to us.
Instead of the usual, tonight all were invited to solve a crime.
 There were wine and Hors d'oeuvre Pairings, Craft Beer Tastings, Desserts,
Basket Raffle, Wine Pull and more.
 I was assigned to a station and did not have a chance to get
photos of all the food.
Each station had a sponsor.  This was mine.
Swedish Meatballs paired with 7 Moon Red Blend
Mary volunteered to help me and we were very busy!
Many people came back to tell us we had the best wine.....

 Because we are nuts, we had our pictures taken wearing weird things!

 So many of the sponsors do this every year....very generous.
The food was prepared by Garnishes (SUNY College) and
the wine was provided by Mahan's.

 I would love to have taken this basket home!

Carl, the Library Director (who is loved by all) and my friend Margay (Village Mayor)

Events like this make our community so special.
Night all.

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