Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wet, Heavy Snow

I let the dogs out at 6am and it looked like this.
A lot different from yesterday morning.

 Little Wonder was cold by the time we got back to the house.

 My class arrived at 10:30 and he was passed

 the table.
 He is loved by many of my students and sticks with us for the whole class.
 Carina made her bread delivery and brought the best smells along.

 Steve started on his first project today.  Can't wait to see what it looks like next Tuesday.
He is quite a sport to put up with 6 women!
 It continued to snow much of the day.

 A cozy fire made everything better.

 I was in the mood for potato salad, so this afternoon I made a big batch.
Served it with beans and weiners along with some cherry tomatoes topped with feta cheese.
Comfort food.
 At 6:30 I left for a Town Board meeting (Gary was kind enough to get the snow off my car).
 When I got back to the farm at 8:30, I took the dogs out for a little romp.
 Yep....still snowing.

Night all


Oak Creek Ranch said...

The snow we normally get is wet and heavy; I feel your pain. We have dry fluffy (crunchy now) snow this time and its a real pleasure, comparatively.

Mike said...

Not been a particularly good winter in England (I'm told!); but here in our sheltered part so far we've had one snow flurry - less than half an inch deep, and gone in about an hour. Mild in comparison to you, I know.

Mike said...

P.S. And I'm not complaining.

Grey Horse Matters said...

No snow here just high winds and sleet. Everything was covered with ice. It's gone today.