Friday, January 13, 2017


The moon was gorgeous this morning.

 By chore time the sun made it's appearance.

It was in the mid 20s and the girls were all sporting their heavy Rambos.  Abbe (of course) needed quite a grooming.

 I was down at Agape by 9:45 and did what I could for an hour.
20 elliptical/20 treadmill/10 bike.
 It was a perfect day
 to go out to lunch
 with Sally and Judy.
We decided to drive out to Ho-Jack's in Carleton.
It's been a long time.

 Everything was delicious.
Thank you Sally!

 The pups were happy to get out for a short jaunt when we got home.
 See how Little Wonder puts back his ears and tucks his tail?
 He is very sensitive to street sounds....especially big trucks.
 Phoebe could care less.
 I didn't make dinner tonight after going out to lunch,
but Phoebe and LW were very happy with their green beans.
 A nice fire....
 Gary loves to read....a lot!
My buddies always keep me company
I'm working on
 my post.
Night all.
I felt like I was on vacation today.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice lunch. Congratulations on getting out and exercising first. I always feel if I exercise first I can eat anything without feeling guilty. Gary reminds me of my husband, he's always reading something too. Not books but newspapers and internet articles etc.