Friday, January 20, 2017

A Turning Point.....

 Little Wonder ran out to the barn with me this morning.
Phoebe took her good old time.

 I checked on the inauguration off and on during the day.

 I don't know how I managed to get the overlay in the picture below, but I like it.
I really appreciate the relationship that Obama and Biden developed over the past 8 years.
A good example of integrity, dignity and diplomacy.

Little Wonder was totally bored by the whole thing and I found some of the speeches to
be very different from the norm.
By the way...at 12:01, when Trump was ready to take his oath, our cable tv station (Time Warner)
went black and said "no signal."  What the heck was that about?  An omen?  People all over the area had the same problem.  Very strange.

 Gary spent much of the day traveling to a nearby town where he and two others were conducting an interview.  As soon as he got back to the farm, the fire was up and running.
I managed to do laundry and put together minutes for last nights meeting so I could email them out today.  I am currently juggling many things.
 Dinner was easy.
Leftover corn chowder...
 a salad and some of Carina's Challah bread.
 Now it is nap time.

Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I never watched the inauguration. I figured it would be more of the same rhetoric. I did see some out takes on the computer of what I wanted to watch. The Obama's,Biden's, Clinton's, Carter's and the Bush's, it was nice to see some classy people for a change who know how to be gracious. Love the pictures of the pups, they're so cute.

Lori Skoog said...

Gracious is the key word. It has nothing to do with party, but character and dignity.

Stephen Andrew said...

Too funny about the cable cutting out! As I was watching when he took the Oath, a very strong gust of wind blew and the sun actually came out. I appreciated the positivity even if it's not exactly how I felt.
Thought Mrs. Trump looked stunningly beautiful.

Nancy J said...

I watched about 2 minutes at the beginning, and am SO thankful we live down here in NZ. What a gracious goodbye from both the Obamas.

PKBrandon said...

No Signal! Time Warner Cable must have been using all it's energy to try to help Trump's brain work. He needs all the brainwaves he can get!!! Little Wonder has sure grown!