Wednesday, January 4, 2017

From 40 to Single Digits

A crazy day.
We have had a lot of rain in the past 24 hours.

 Enough to leave a pond in the back pasture.
 With 40-50 mph winds on the way, all the girls needed to wear their heavy Rambos.
 You can see how thrilled Little Wonder
 and Phoebe were, to be on chore duty.
 Getting back in the house felt great.
 We had a few moments of sunshine
 and the girls actually went into the indoor to get out of the wind
(part of the time).

 My car did not leave the driveway and it was a low profile afternoon.

 This is what the dogs had for dinner....
 we had leftover cabbage soup.
 After that it was more of the same.

Let's hope for a little more energy tomorrow.
Night all.


Michelle said...

I always enjoy a low profile afternoon and evening! Still no internet/phone for us at the farm. Glad I can use the computer at work a bit!

Grey Horse Matters said...

An easy day once in a while is a good thing. Enjoy a book and the fire.

Val Ewing said...

We had an ice storm, .. well it was 34 and raining like the dickens. It made all the roads dangerous. Now we've dropped into another freeze.
Hopefully you don't get the cold temps we got.
Yes the winds were frightful!