Sunday, January 8, 2017


Freezin', snowin', blowin'.

 Once again Phoebe chose to stay in the house and Little Wonder went to the barn with me.  I don't even know if it was 10 degrees.

 We were both happy to feel the warmth of the house when we got in around 9.

 I went out on the back porch to sweep off the snow and LW kept his eyes on me
through the door...which he keeps all smudged up.
 Sophie was taking advantage of the sunshine.
 I have to catch her in order to get her in the house.  She is intimidated by Wonder.

 After a quick shower I headed down to the Rec Center to catch a little of Finn
and Coop's basketball games.  By then (11:30) it was snowing like crazy.

 Finn's game was almost over when I got there.  Can you see him?

 I was also able to catch the beginning of Coop's game before going to my Sunday Jam.
The tournament lasted all day long and kept Jenny very busy.

 I love this blurry shot of Coop.
 It sure felt good to get back to our Sunday Jam...
too bad I did not video anything or take more photos.
 It was nasty when I got home, so I changed my clothes and went out to tuck the girls in.

When I turned off the lights and was ready to leave the barn, Little Wonder
was not to be found.  He had gone in Angel's stall when I added hot water to her bucket and was locked in.  He had me goin' for a minute.
 Dinner was very simple.  Shells with caramelized onions, carrots, peas, olive oil, a little butter and Romano cheese.
 This was the dog's version minus the onions.
 A salad, of course.

 Easy and so good.
Another full day with the fire going.
 I just love those twinkie lights and will keep them up.  They create the warmest atmosphere.
 Little Wonder kept looking under the trunk in the kitchen and voila!  He found his 
green bone that has been missing for two weeks.
 Such a happy boy.
 Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Freezing here too but only a dusting of snow today. Glad you found LW in the stall bet he was glad too. I like the twinkle lights too. I still have my candles in the windows for now.

Nancy J said...

And how do the doggies cope with the snow underfoot? Looks mighty cold, but as a friend said who has recently returned from the South Pole, " There is cold, and then there is really cold" or words like that.

Val Ewing said...

We had some really cold stuff here for the past week, but things look to be evening out again. Up and down with the weather. I really dislike those harsh winds.
LW loves getting involved in everything you do doesn't he?

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a big day. It must be freezing out there
Lily & Edward

Nora said...

What a wonderful visit I had here Lori. I loved seeing the horses, the dogs and all the family stuff. I especially like your food and would love to come and eat at your house! (kidding) We live so far apart but I always enjoy seeing your life and you have such a positive blog here. Great Post.!