Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Introducing McDuff the Second...

Rain, rain and more rain!
 It was sprinkling when I went out to do chores and stopped for a couple of hours when I turned the horses out.

We were all happy to get back in the house.

Look who Tina brought to class today!
Her new Sheltie boy....Duffy.
 He is 10 weeks old and could not be cuter.
We tried Little Wonder's harness on him.

 Phoebe stayed put on the couch, but
he and LW played and played and played for an hour and a half.
I think they will become good buddies.

 By the time Duffy and Tina left, I think he was ready for a nap.
At lunch time the rain really started to pick up and I put the horses in by 2.
They had all kinds of hay under the shed roof and chose to hangout in the pasture
so they could get totally soaked.  I took off all their blankets and put on cozy dry stuff.

 It's going to take awhile for these blankets to dry.
 What a mess.
 Tomorrow we will take a dive in temperature and could have very high winds.
 The dogs got a little wet, as they went with me when I brought the horses in the barn.

 Tonight we had a 5pm Organizational Town Board meeting and I got back to the farm
around 6.  Thanks to Judy's leftovers...all I had to do was make a salad.
Night all.
I think I am going to find another book to read.


Nancy J said...

Duffy, he is totally gorgeous and such fun with LW.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Duffy is adorable. He reminds me of the collie pups we had growing up. I'll bet both pups had a good nap after playing. Raining here on and off since Christmas Eve. Our place looks like yours, mud and more mud, until it freezes over...