Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Community Breakfast...

It was warm enough last night to melt most of the snow and
now the ground is saturated...especially in the paddock.
I wanted to attend a breakfast meeting this morning so I did chores early and 
it was not even light yet.

I fed the horses and turned them out, leaving stall cleaning for later.
Took a quick shower and was in Brockport by 8am.
Record breaking for me.

On behalf of Village of Brockport Mayor Margay Blackman and Town of Sweden Supervisor Rob Carges, The College at Brockport President, Heidi Macpherson hosted a Community Breakfast at The Lodge on the Canal this morning. It's goal was to bring local business and community leaders together, offering a great opportunity for conversation and an update on the college. Such a pleasure to see the Village, Town and College showing an interest in the future of our community.

 I could listen to Heidi all day.  Not only is she an outstanding President...she is also a great presenter, who has been extremely effective in her first 18 months.
She and her husband have been very involved since they arrived and lived in one of the dorms while their house was being renovated.  They even helped the students move into their rooms.
Clearly, one of the best things to happen to our college and community.

 A great way to bring the college and community together.
 Meanwhile back at the ranch, I still had to finish chores.
 My buddies kept me company.

 Mid afternoon they joined me as I had a couple of errands to run.
First the bank, then Wegmans.
 I was only in the store long enough to pick up dog food and it was really raining when I went back to my car.

 I had made a pot of sauce before going out, so dinner was easy and delicious.
 Now the fire is going and the pups are chewing on bones.

 Phoebe has been playing the mommy role, making sure Little Wonder's ears and eyes are clean.
Tomorrow they are both going to the groomer.  Phoebe will get her usual and LW is going to have a nice bath.  I hope he behaves himself (his first time) and will send along his little white bed and Jacks so he will have something to do.

 We have only had 2 days with sunshine in 2017!
For some reason this plant has a lot of new growth.  Miraculous.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Busy day. Ginger has a grooming appt. coming up on the third,her birthday. She's been there before and seemed okay. Hope LW enjoys his experience. As for the weather,it feels like it's been raining or snowing almost everyday since Christmas Eve! Sun today for a change.

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a fun morning with all your community friends
Lily & Edward