Saturday, January 21, 2017

So What Was Going On Today?

Fog to the ground, that's what.
The girls got to go out naked today as it was already in the 40s headed for 52.

  When we got back in the house, Little Wonder took his first nap with Seymour.

 I had to grab a very quick shower as the ukefest started in Rochester at 10am.
My ride pooped out on me, so I drove myself in and had a great time with Randy at the helm.
 Love learning new songs and playing with so many ukes.  Such a neat sound.

Jenny picked me up at Bernunzios at 11 and we went over to the People's Solidarity Rally
being held in Rochester.  
Please look at the post below to see what it was like.
 Home after 1.
Finally....around 4pm, the sun appeared.  It has been pretty dark in these parts.
 Once again it was nap time for Little Wonder. 
This time it was with Sidney.

 Phoebe prefers her spot on the rug in the library.
Now I am going to try to talk Gary into going out to dinner.
Too late to cook.

Don't forget the post below and let me know if you participated somewhere.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope you hot out yo dinner it was a long day and you deserve it.