Monday, January 9, 2017

Just Me and the Dogs....Hangin'

It was grey all day until it was time for the sun to set,
 and the temperature never got out of the low 20s.

 Little Wonder and Phoebe joined me for chores, but they went back in the house within 15 minutes.

 When I finished the stalls, they were ready to go out again....naked.

 LW spends a lot of time playing soccer....
 he usually has something in his mouth and moves the ball from room to room.

 What did I do all day?  Not much!
Lots of computer time and I made some vegetarian chili...
 johnny cake....
 and a salad

 for dinner.
 Tasted great.
 Late afternoon we got a fire going, which creates the atmosphere that makes cold winter days ok.
 The moon was in and out with all the clouds.

Night all.
Here are some shots of Stephanie, Ariana, Daniela and their cousins.
They were all in NYC for Marina's wedding.
So grown  up!


Michelle said...

I agree about a warm fire. The best part of a long winter's day!

Grey Horse Matters said...

A fire makes it seem so cozy inside when it's so cold outside. The girls look beautiful.

Val Ewing said...

Ahhh a warm place in front of the heater is where I went after tonight's outing. I see you and the pups had a good day together. It may have been gloomy but you have your critter friends to bring a smile to your face.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Boy does that look like a snow sky. Stay warm friends
Lily & Edward