Monday, January 23, 2017

Next On The Agenda...

Most of the day was grey again...at least it didn't rain.

 There is still so much mud all over the place.
 Check out Phoebe's feet!

 I did go to Agape, but I'm staying off the treadmill as I can 
really feel it in my right hip.  The elliptical is so much better for me.
 Have you ever seen anything like this piece of equipment (below)?
Quite amazing.  It's a treadmill that you get zipped into, and then they fill it up with air, altering the amount of weight that is on your feet.  If you are in therapy and need to strengthen your legs, you can do it without hurting yourself.  There is a tv screen and you can watch the action 
of your feet and legs.
 On the way home I stopped at Wegmans and attempted to pick up shavings at Country Max.  Of course they did not have any.  I've never been to a store where I have left empty handed so many times.  Half of the time they are out of whatever I need.  Very frustrating.
Gary continued working on the entrance to the basement, putting up insulation and new walls.
That's the area where the cats have two of their beds, water and food. 
 It's so much better already.
In the meantime, the pups and I relaxed.
 For some reason, Little Wonder loves the rocking chair.
 The horses have been very fortunate lately, having access to grass in January.
That could change tonight as snow is on the way along with a winter storm watch.
 Dinner was so good again....a repeat of last night with the addition of carrots (as there was very little rice).
 What's next?

Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Having the grass in nice at this time of year. But our guys are a little lazy sometimes and hang around the hay nets most of the day. So windy here tonight with sleet and rain. Love Phoebe's feet she's just too cute, what a face.