Thursday, June 9, 2016

Here There And Everywhere....

Another crispy and gorgeous morning.
Seymour always goes to the barn with me and asks for breakfast, which has already been served on the back porch.
 It was cool enough that the girls did not need to wear their masks.

 After chores I took a shower and drove down to The Center for a two hour meeting with Deanna.
It was very productive.  We were planning the grand reopening, which includes a very nice dining event.
 Bob S. has been putting in many volunteer hours working on the grounds.  He has made an amazing difference and will continue throughout the summer.
 I got home in time to let Phoebe out for a short run and then drove back to Lorna's house
for duplicate bridge, which started at 1.

 She always puts out quite a spread!
 Terry (my baritone ukulele pal) and I came in first place.
On the way home I stopped at Country Max for shavings and grain.
 Every inch of my Escape had something in it.

 Gary helped me  unload and I put new bedding in the stalls.
 Such a gorgeous afternoon.

 Taa Daaaaaaa!  Same dinner as last night!  Keep those strawberries comin'.
 I'm going to have to make this cauliflower casserole more often.
I could not resist taking photos of the peonies after dinner.  The light was still so good.

Night all.


  1. Hi Lori, the first time I ever visited your blog (from Linda or Esther's) you had a similar photo as this one right at the top. So many years have passed... Your cauliflower casserole looks gorgeous. We had cauliflower cheese as a standalone dish last night - unheard of in a huge meat eating community. The lighting through the peonies makes for beautiful images. Have a great weekend. Jo

  2. Love the peonies! I'm also loving this cool weather, wish it would stick around all summer.


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