Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'll Take It...

Lots of sunshine today.

 Class at 10:30.

 After lunch Phoebe and I got in the car and ran a lot of errands.
A perfect day for a ride.
 Our first stop was at Country Max
 where I bought shavings for the girls.
 Then we drove to the jewelry store in Spencerport as I needed to have two things soldered.
The man that waited on me needed a serious attitude adjustment and I almost walked out of the store.  When leaving, I told another employee that I was not happy with his bedside manner.
Once I get these pieces I don't think I will go back there again.

 I love driving down Canal Road.
 Before going back to the farm I made one last stop for a tank of gas.
 Tonight I went to the Middle School for a meeting.
 As a Town Board member, I felt that it was important to hear both sides of the 
Dissolution story.  The vote will take place next Tuesday.
 This was my view as I walked out to the parking lot.
 Looking west at the college campus.
 And then, the view when I got out to the open fields.

Night all.


  1. When we run into rude people in stores, they need to know their attitude is not acceptable.Lovely gardens, yours are so in spring mode, here, I bought tulip bulbs yesterday!!!

  2. Looks like nice weather. Pretty pictures of the sunset too. I tend to be slightly sarcastic when faced with rude employees in a store. I figure they have it coming and an attitude adjustment is needed.


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