Campaign 2017

Campaign 2017
Good Morning!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Time Out

It was muggy
It was buggy

Bought grain
Had more rain

Finished cleaning
Netflix streaming

No good pix
Posting nix

Here I am
By the fan

No more words
For the birds

Night all


  1. Oh no, what a day. But everyone needs a rainy muggy day to rest and relax.
    Tonight I'll read a good book.
    And sleep in tomorrow morning!

  2. What a day, lots to say, not a pic, not even sick, rain galore, not wanting more, let sunshine show, for a good day tomorrow!!!

  3. HUGS we have all been there.... not you but all of us. Hope you had a nice rest. HUG B

  4. A poet
    And don't know it!

    Rained all day here too.


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