Friday, June 5, 2015

Hail Hail The Gang's All Here....

A reversal of fortune.
The morning was beautiful....

 I picked strawberries....
 and ran some errands this afternoon.
Gary picked an entire basket of spinach and I forgot to take a picture.
Bought some Italian bread at Weggies and
 made pasta for dinner.  It's been quite awhile and we were hungry for it.

 It started to rumble, so I went out to do chores a little early.  The girls were all in the indoor.
 By the time I got them into their stalls it was pouring with lots of thunder and lightning.

 The rain was spritzing into Angel and Maggie's stall causing a little excitement.
So, the orbs were flying!

 Then, it started hailing.  Moth ball sized little white things bouncing around the paddock.

 When that converted back to rain, they all disappeared and we are now flooded once again!

Ain't life grand?
Night all.
If you like good music, check out the two videos below.


  1. Holy smoke -- hail! In June! We have thunderstorms this evening with rain (yay) but no hail.

  2. More rain , really severe weather over in CO, and climate change can be blamed on anything and everything. Love those berries!!

  3. Those strawberries have got me thinkin' Strawberry Rhubarb pie.


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