Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Improvement...

It's going to take a long time for all this water to get absorbed.
 Fortunately we had plenty of sunshine and the temperature was perfect.

After chores I spent over two hours mowing.  Could not do the lane, as it was deep with water back near the outdoor "pond."

 At 1pm I went to Sue's to play duplicate bridge.  She had a bird feeder right outside the window and we were entertained all afternoon.

 Home a little before 5 and was in no mood to make a serious dinner.
So, we had scrambled eggs with onions and spinach...

 with a side of toast.
 Chores a little early, as I had a 7pm meeting.

Night all.


  1. A nice day! Glad you didn't get too washed away! :-)

  2. Oh I am grateful for the rain before I went away I was worried because all our ponds were dried up and it was the end of May. Yes I can wait for haying to replenish the ground. All in good time they say. HUGS B

  3. We need that water here in Cali
    Lily & Edward

  4. I do love breakfast for dinner when I don't feel like cooking anything else!

    We also have what I refer to as our "water feature" that appears in one of the pastures after really heavy rain. Amazingly it is usually gone within a few hours of the rain stopping, but at its peak it is a few inches deep. The horses in that pasture love to splash around in it. They usually get a chance a couple of times each year.


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