Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Return Engagement

I give up!  For the past hour and a half I have been trying to load the rest of my pictures and it won't work.  Will catch up later.
Night all.

Here they are....

A couple of weeks ago, Roger and Tina took Ariana to Grandpa Sam's for dinner and she loved it so much they did it again tonight.  They sure are generous with this girl!

 This time we went along.

The temperature really dropped this evening and we should not reach 70 on Wednesday.

Night all.


  1. We got a big temperature drop yesterday too. It's cold this morning! It almost feels like summer never truly camel. Another weird season.

  2. So it seems fall might be sneaking in on you guys, too? We have a few trees with leaves that have just a hint more yellow in them (most of our trees out here turn yellow, not the glorious colors you enjoy)


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