Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 We had a little warm up today....the flies appeared as rain was in our future.
 Ran some errands this morning.  Started out at Tractor Supply and stuffed 10 bags of fine shavings in my car.
 From there I went to the Morgan Manning House to do a photo shoot of the carriage house for some friends.  Love this building.

 I've shown you this beautiful Victorian home before (the carriage house is behind it).

From there I drove over to Market Street, and when I got to A Different Path Gallery....
 I caught the owner working on a mural she has created after being sponsored by many community members (we, included).  It is on the East side of her building and is going to be funky gorgeous!

 This is her dog Fiona...she also appears in the mural.

 Home for awhile, and after lunch I dropped Ariana off at Agape....

while I went to an appointment.

In 10 days we are going to be overnighting a Morgan mare and her colt who are being transported from Ohio to here to New England to Canada.  Have to get the grooming room spiffed up.

 The girls were put in for dinner just in time as we had a major downpour.
Fortunately it stopped and now they are back outside.

 Gary is almost finished with the fence...tomorrow should do it.
 Auntie Reg, I confess....did not cook tonight.  Went to Weggies for a chicken salad sub on ciabatta bread and even got a bag of kettle chips.  Fortunately we had some leftover fruit from yesterday.
Hopefully it won't be muggy and rainy tomorrow.  The PGA is being held in Rochester.
Night all.


  1. Hi Lori! We had such nice weather for a couple of days and quickly got spoiled--Rain tonight and the mugginess has returned, and so have the bugs, it was good while it lasted, wasn't it?

    But I love the funky-cool-gorgeous mural and admire her talent and creativity!!

    I'll look forward to seeing your overnight guests!

  2. A Tractor Supply Store just opened in Placerville so of course we had to go check it out last weekend. I think Brett will be there a lot. I'm not cooking tonight either. LOL

  3. Hi Lori, Okay, I need details! Who belongs to the morgan mare and filly and where are they going in Canada? My morgans are from Canada so I'm very curious and can't wait to see them on this blog! Hope all is going well for you and see you soon, Cindy


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