Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

You've Heard of Fainting Goats?

 This morning we were off to our usual start.

 My barn ensemble this old cotton nightgown.
Very cool and comfortable!  Heck, no one is around.

 At 8am I called the Brockport Animal Hospital to make a
same day appointment for Phoebe.
Yesterday I spoke to a friend who has had experience with seizures
in dogs and when I told her Phoebes symptoms, she suggested that
it might be something else.  Passing out....fainting.  I did some research
and this morning I got a post on my Journal from a woman who's sister's
dog had the same symptoms.  It's called syncopes.
When I spoke to Doc Edwards, he said I was right.  It has to do with
her heart and she was prescribed meds that will help her.  She started
taking a chewable tonight...Vetmedin.  The last two times she fainted,
she was running around outside with Little Wonder and the
excitement was too much for her.  Considering she is 15, she still acts
like she's 5.  Fortunately her appetite is great, she sleeps through the
night (on the bed), has no trouble going to the bathroom and when
she faints, she's only out for under 10 seconds with a quick recovery.
These meds should help.  We shall see.
 This afternoon Rebel and Elliott were not interested
 in keeping their masks on.

 Because I am such a nice person, I went out and put them back on.

 Gary pulled out more onions.  A different variety.

 I picked a few raspberries for dinner.  The plants are
huge, but they are not producing much yet.

 Dinner? I heated up the leftover ingredients from the power bowls
 and made a romaine/cottage cheese/fruit salad for a side.
Weird combination....but yummy.
The romaine, strawberry and raspberries were from our gardens.
 I am going to have to start finding homes for our yellow squash.
It's coming on strong.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

I had read about fainting goats!!! At first I thought that it was a joke,but read further and found it is true. Phoebe, be good and chew your tablet, I do hope it sorts out the problem, and no excitement for you until this settles down.