Tuesday, July 28, 2020


I let the dogs out a little before 6 and it looked like this.

 Berlin has been much better about eating all of her grain for the past week
and she looked pretty normal this morning until I was ready to turn
her out.  She was very unsteady and took her time getting out but
made her way to the pasture.
Ended up giving her some bute and decided to take advantage of
the moisture in the outdoor arena by going over it with the 
York rake.  Scott sure turned this into a very useful piece of equipment.
 When the horses came in for a drink, Elliott ended up 
running into Berlin and she went down.  Before I got
to her she managed to get up on her own.  Not what she needed.
The bute had not kicked in yet,and I decided to put her in
the run-in by the fan with some hay and water.  She was able 
to see the horses when they were under the shed roof and looked
out the back door when they were in the pasture.

 I went over the outdoor 3 times and it sure leveled it out.
Not very deep yet, but much better than when I tried it
the other day (when it was as hard as a rock).

 I checked on Berlin several times....

 and decided turn turn her out with the others around 3.
By then she seemed much more stable.

 The last time I went out to check her, (before Karen did evening chores)
 the horses were in the front paddock eating grass and she was screaming at
Elliott.  In the most raging heat I have ever seen.  35 years old! 
 This morning I was worried that this was her last day.  
Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Night all.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh, Berlin...

Grey Horse Matters said...

I do hope Berlin is okay. It's so scary when they get older.