Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mowing Before It Heats Up Tomorrow....

 Nice and cool when I went out to do mowing chores.

 Gary harvested the onions today.

 The celery is looking very healthy.
We are going to get more hot weather starting tomorrow 
so I decided to mow today.  A little more rain and the
grass will be green again.

 Phoebe had another seizure today....but I don't think it's a seizure.
For some reason she is passing out for just 10 seconds and
when she comes to she goes back to normal in under a minute.
Hopefully we will be able to get an appointment with our Vet  tomorrow.
Currently, you have to call in at 8am and see if something is available
for that day.

 This afternoon my friend Hanny was kind enough to
bring us two quarts of the most delicious blueberries
she picked at her daughter and son-in-laws farm.
We sent her home with a big bag of veggies.
 I had to go to Wegmans for a couple things so I
picked up a thin crust pizza for dinner.
 The onions are now drying on our back porch.
 I'm posting early and now we are going to take it easy.
We do a lot of that these days.

Night all.

When I took the dogs out for a walk,
Berlin was tuned in from her stall.
Good light.


Nancy J said...

Phoebe, hope you do not have any more of these, and those day lilies, beautiful, a friend who grew them told me they were the hardiest of all plants she knew. When they divided them up her husband severed the plants with a machete!!! Then the tops were trimmed, and several of the original were planted out for the next season, they did this on a big commercial scale. Acres of blooms in their coloured rows.

Tomato Thymes said...

I rarely comment but I so enjoy your blog and read it every night.

Lori Skoog said...

Thank you for tuning in to my Journal. It looks like you have not posted on your blog in quite some time. Another foodie.

Val Ewing said...

I hope you get an answer to your questions on Phoebe's health.
I need to know more about harvesting onions! Help!
And...I am reminded that next year I need to get out an old wagon wheel and plant some Morning Glories! Wow! Or perhaps have it grown up a tall shepherds hook!

Liz H said...

Long time lurker but your description of Phoebe reminded me of my sister's old lady dog. She had syncopes (fainting) that sound just like what Phoebe had which unfortunately were a sign of heart disease. Good wishes to little Phoebe.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope you were able to get an appointment for Phoebe with the vet. It doesn't sound like a seizure. My girl Ginger had over a 100 epileptic seizures in the last year and a half and you would know if it was a seizure. Unfortunately, I lost her last month to a series of violent seizures. She was suffering so I had to let her go. Crossing my fingers that Phoebe will be fine.